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  • Abstract:Turkey Secondary CrusherIntroduction: For the production process of the Turkey Secondary Crusher, the sudden situation is inevitable. For any sudden situation,



Turkey Secondary Crusher

Introduction: For the production process of the Turkey Secondary Crusher, the sudden situation is inevitable. For any sudden situation, it must be processed in time. Here is to introduce the sudden situation of the Turkey Secondary Crusher.

When the Turkey Secondary Crusher is working, there will be some faults. Some of these faults are easy to fault, and some faults occur at a lower frequency. Here we summarize the conditions that are easy to send, and Their respective treatment methods can make the user better handle the problem when there is a problem.

Easy to start condition 1. The drive shaft is not evenly rotated, and the belt pulley rotates after a strong knocking or knocking sound, and the moving cone does not move.

The cause of this phenomenon is: 1. The gear installation defect and the axial intermittent excess during operation are caused by the wear; 2. The key of the pulley or gear of the Turkey Secondary Crusher is damaged and the spindle is dropped into the non-crushed material. May cause uneven rotation of the drive shaft;

The solution to this phenomenon is to stop the machine in time, then replace the gears, correct the tooth gap, or replace the damaged key of the equipment. If it is a fault caused by the damage of the spindle, it is necessary to replace the spindle in time. And strengthen the ability of the Turkey Secondary Crusher to pick iron;

Prone to the situation 2, the equipment generates strong vibration, and the movable cone runs quickly

The cause of this phenomenon: 1. There is no lubricating oil between the main shaft and the bushing; 2. There is dust in the oil; 3. The moving cone sinks; 4. The spherical bearing is damaged, and the gap of the shaft bushing is insufficient; Generally speaking, this fault is caused by these aspects, but it may not be these aspects, so when the need of this fault occurs, it is necessary to stop the rotation of the Turkey Secondary Crusher in time, and then carefully check to find out exactly And then proceed with the processing;

Easy to send situation III, equipment vibration, moving cone does not move

The reasons for this phenomenon are: 1. Insufficient spring pressure; 2. Feeding fine viscous materials; 3. Uneven feeding or excessive feeding; 4. Insufficient spring rigidity;

Solution: Tighten the compression nut on the spring of the Turkey Secondary Crusher or replace the spring; adjust the equipment to the mine; replace it with a strong spring with large rigidity;

Easy to make a situation 4, the device lifts up and produces a strong knocking sound, and then works normally

The reason for this: the non-crushed material is dropped into the crushing chamber of the Turkey Secondary Crusher, which often causes the spindle to break;

Workaround: Enhance the ability of the equipment to pick iron;

The article mainly introduces the easy-to-fat status of Turkey Secondary Crusher. The article analyzes this problem in detail, mainly introducing four sudden situations in the work of Turkey Secondary Crusher, which are caused by each type. The reasons and solutions are analyzed in detail, and I hope to help everyone.