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  • Abstract:What are the contents of Jaw Crusher minor repairs?For the investment of Jaw Crusher, we need to choose the best equipment before investing. After investing, we



What are the contents of Jaw Crusher minor repairs?

For the investment of Jaw Crusher, we need to choose the best equipment before investing. After investing, we need to operate and maintain it well. Maintenance is to discover the hidden problems inside the Jaw Crusher in time, reduce the occurrence of these problems for the working process of the equipment and make it possible to maintain it. The impact of service life, and maintenance generally includes overhaul, mid-repair and minor repair, different maintenance cycle is not only different, including the content also has a certain gap, here we are to introduce, Jaw Crusher in minor repair, what needs to be done.

Compared with overhaul and medium repair, minor repair is more frequent, that is, the cycle is shorter, it is the main way of repair in production, through minor repair can effectively reduce the occurrence of some faults in the work of Jaw Crusher, to ensure its production efficiency, and minor repair in progress, including the following main contents:

1. Checking and repairing the adjusting device and adjusting the gap between the drainage outlets, because when the Jaw Crusher works, the drainage outlets will be worn out. This situation will make the size of the drainage outlets change, which has a great impact on the size of finished products and production efficiency, so it is necessary to adjust the gap between the drainage outlets.

2. Replacing worn liner and thrust plate, in the working process of Jaw Crusher, the wear of liner and thrust plate will result in the decrease of production efficiency and insufficient material breakage, so the replacement of these worn parts is very necessary.

3. Repairing and replacing transmission parts have great influence on the working process of Jaw Crusher. In order to ensure the coordination between different parts and the smooth progress of crushing work, it is necessary to repair and replace transmission parts.

4. Cleaning the individual parts of the Jaw Crusher, in the use of Jaw Crusher, due to dust and other reasons, there will be some parts of the phenomenon of oil stains, this phenomenon will not only affect its normal operation, but also worsen the situation, so it needs regular inspection and cleaning operations;

5. Replacing lubricating oil, repairing and adjusting lubricating system. In the working process of Jaw Crusher, the function of lubrication is to reduce the degree of wear and tear, to ensure the efficiency of production and the service life of equipment, so it is necessary to replace lubricating oil regularly, and to repair and adjust the lubricating system. These operations are to ensure reasonable operation. Lubrication effect;

What is the main content of the Jaw Crusher? The analysis of this problem is more detailed, first of all, the significance of maintenance & mdash; & mdash; cost-saving investment, to ensure the smooth production, and then from five aspects introduced the contents of minor repair, minor repair can greatly reduce the phenomenon of equipment damage.