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     Main equipment for wet refining quartz sand production line



Main equipment for wet refining quartz sand production line

The main equipment of the wet refined quartz sand production line includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, quartz stone sand machine, dryer, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, feeder, conveyor and so on.

Characteristics of wet refined quartz sand production line

  • 1. The wet-processed quartz sand production line has high automation, energy saving and environmental protection, low operating cost and simple maintenance, and can achieve large-scale production.
  • 2. The production line solves the problem of unqualified sand and gravel material in the traditional quartz sand production line. The finished sand has uniform particle size, good grain shape and reasonable grading, and fully meets the sandstone standard of China.
  • 3. Overcoming the serious problem of machining hard rock equipment, the crushing equipment used in the production line is suitable for the production of rock with high hardness, and the wearing parts are not easy to wear, which can significantly reduce the production cost.
  • 4. The production line can meet the different grain size requirements of sand and gravel aggregate by adjusting the equipment parameters. Users can look at the market to produce marketable products, realize multi-use and reduce production investment.
  • Wet refined quartz sand production line process

    The large quartz stone is firstly crushed by a jaw crusher for the feeder, processed into smaller stones, and then enters the impact crusher for medium crushing and fine crushing, because some quartz sand products have more granular size. Requirement, so the quartz stone sand machine can be used to shape the sand, and the quartz sand with the appropriate particle size can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning, and the magazines such as soil and powder can be removed. After cleaning, all are sent to the sedimentation tank, and the dryer is used to precipitate. The sand in the pool is completely dried into dry sand. In the process of screening the quartz sand by the vibrating screen, the magnetic material is used to remove the iron, and the finished product is sent to the finished product warehouse to complete the whole process.

    In recent years, China has attached great importance to the research and development of refined quartz sand technology. The unique physical and chemical properties of quartz sand make it occupy a pivotal position in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery and the rapidly developing IT industry. High-tech products also play an increasingly important role.