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  • Name :Sand Making Machine
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    The sand making machine is widely used in many departments such as smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry because of its simple structure, stable and reliable work, high efficiency and energy saving, and convenient maintenance. The sand making machine consists of a rotor, a crushing chamber, a motor, a transmission, a spindle system, a lubrication system, and an electronic control system. In order to maintain the good performance of the sand making machine, daily maintenance must be done.



6 precautions for sand making machine maintenance

  • 1. The direction of rotation of the rotor. It must be counterclockwise when viewed from above the sand making machine. If it is rotated in the wrong direction, it will cause serious damage to the rotor. The two motors must be in the same direction of rotation. When the judgment is unclear, the V-belt can be removed to observe the steering of the two motors.
  • 2. Lubrication. The sand making machine has unique operating conditions. Do not use different types of grease alternately. Consult the grease used by the factory for the long-term stable operation of the sand making machine.
  • 3. Remove iron. The particle size of the mixed iron or feedstock in the feedstock is too large, which has a significant impact on the life of the throwing head. Therefore, always remove the iron on the iron remover and check if the screen is damaged. For this purpose, a separator should be installed on the feed tape.
  • 4. Drive the tension of the tape. Proper tension is extremely important for long-term, normal operating conditions of the drive belt and is especially important for dual motor drive equipment. If the current of one motor is lower than the current of the other motor, it may be caused by the difference in the tape tension of the two motors. After the new tape is idle for 30 minutes, the tension should be re-adjusted, and then the feeding operation is run for 8 hours. Adjust again to eliminate the natural extension of the tape, otherwise it will easily burn the tape.
  • 5. Dust control. Usually during normal operation, the air turbulence in the crushing chamber creates an ideal dust collecting environment, and does not require the use of dust collecting equipment to reduce dust, but a large amount of dust is discharged when starting or stopping or insufficient feeding during operation. A water spray device can be installed at the discharge port, and a lock associated with the motor can be turned on/off, so that the sand making machine automatically activates the spray device to control dust emission when driving or stopping.
  • 6, running records. Detailed records of daily operation records, such as vibration value, upper and lower bearing temperature, rotor stop time after shutdown, etc., play an important role in judging the operation failure of the equipment and ensuring the long-term operation of the sand making machine.