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     Analysis of four common faults of sand making machine



Analysis of four common faults of sand making machine

1, the vibration value is too large

The upper limit of the set value of the vibration switch plays an extremely important role in the protection equipment. When the vibration of the sand making machine reaches a certain limit, the vibration power can be used to cut off the power supply of the motor. The causes of excessive vibration are as follows: 1. The rotor has a damage to the throwing head or uneven wear of the rotor; 2. The material in the rotor is uneven; 3. The damping pad is damaged; 4. The rotor or the pulley cone The sleeve is loose; 5. The main bearing of the sand making machine is damaged; 6. The bolt is loose.

Solution: 1. Check the rotor wear and replace the corresponding throwing head. 2. Stop to check the accumulation of material in the rotor and adjust the feed rate. 3. Replace the damping pad. 4. Fasten the pulley sleeve. 5. Replace the main bearing. 6. Tighten the loose bolts.

2, the upper and lower bearing temperature is too high

When the meter shows that the bearing temperature exceeds the standard, it should be stopped for inspection. The reasons for the excessive temperature are as follows: 1. The motor is overloaded for a long time; 2. The main bearing is damaged. The operator should pay attention to the sound of the bearing when it is running. If the sound changes, especially when the sound is low, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated. 3. The bearing of the sand making machine lacks grease; 4. The grease drain groove is blocked, causing the bearing box. The pressure inside increases, causing grease to fail.

Solution: 1. Reduce the motor load properly. 2. Replace the damaged sand making machine bearing. 3. Fill with grease. 4. Unblock the grease drain groove.

3, the current meter is abnormal

1. The reason why the current is too large: the feed amount is too large, the accumulated material in the crushing chamber or the machine base is too much, the discharge hopper is blocked, and there is mechanical or electrical failure. Solution: Reduce the amount of feed, unblock the material, and find specific electrical problems.

2. The reason why the current is too small: the feed amount is too small, the drive belt slips or there is an electrical fault. Solution: Increase the amount of feed appropriately, replace the drive belt, and find specific electrical problems.

4, abnormal wear

1. The uneven wear of the wear block of the throwing tip in the rotor is mostly caused by the unreasonable angle of the material; sometimes it is caused by excessive broken material. The amount of accumulated material and the characteristics of the accumulated material in the rotor have a great relationship with the length of the life of the throwing head. As far as possible, the accumulated material can be spread from the guide plate of the rotor to the insert of the throwing head. .

2. The abnormal wear of the feeding cylinder and the feeding sleeve is mostly caused by improper installation or stone sandwiching in the middle. The sand making machine plays an irreplaceable role in the sand making of various ore materials, and is the most effective, practical and reliable sand making equipment. The above are the main issues and common faults of the daily maintenance of the sand making machine. If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the daily operation of the sand making machine, do not take it lightly, and immediately stop the maintenance to avoid causing greater losses.