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     Cone crusher classification



Cone crusher classification

Although the standard, medium and short-head cone crushers are three different cone crushers, they are essentially the same type of traditional spring cone crushers. The difference between the three is the broken parallel belt, short head. The parallel type is longer, the medium is the second, and the standard is the shortest.

Three cone crushers difference

  • 1, the shape of the crushing cavity is different. The short-headed cone crusher has a longer parallel belt, the medium-sized one is the second, and the standard type is the shortest.
  • 2, the size of the broken product is different. The short-head type cone crusher with long parallel belt has finer crushed materials. Generally, this type of cone crusher is used after being crushed in the middle; and the standard cone crusher, the finished material is crushed. Thick, high yield, broken material can be used as medium crush.
  • 3, the width of the discharge opening is different. Compared with medium-sized and short-head cone crushers, the standard cone crusher has a wider range of discharge opening widths, so the standard cone crusher has greater processing capacity per unit time.

The short-head type parallel belt is long, and the ore-bearing port and the discharge port are relatively small, and a finer product granularity can be obtained. Generally, the short head type with a longer parallel strip is placed as a fine crush after being placed in the middle. The standard type has a relatively short parallel belt, so the crushed product is coarser and the output is higher. Generally, it is placed after the coarse crushing, that is, after being crushed or screwed back to the crusher. In a word, the standard, medium and short-headed feeders are gradually reduced, while the crushing chambers and parallel zones are gradually longer.