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  • Abstract:Wear resistant parts of Talc Powder MachineThe price of a Talc Powder Machine is very high. If it is used improperly, the parts of the Talc Powder Machine will



Wear resistant parts of Talc Powder Machine

The price of a Talc Powder Machine is very high. If it is used improperly, the parts of the Talc Powder Machine will be damaged more quickly. Frequent replacement of parts is not good for the machine itself. It is easy to cause damage to the machine. The maintenance of the seat Talc Powder Machine is particularly important.

Maintenance of Talc Powder Machine is very important. Maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also reduce the operating costs of the machine at the same time, while ensuring the uniform size of the machine discharge. Maintenance of the machine, mainly do the following aspects of work: machine lubrication, wear-resistant parts replacement and machine parts fastening.

Talc Powder Machine itself is the equipment to produce industrial parts, a large number of industrial dust production will be a certain degree of pollution inside the machine. In the machine polluted by dust, the bearing and other parts of the machine are polluted by the consequences of more serious, into the main city will cause friction between bearings increased, resulting in a series of bearing heating, wear and tear, and even cause damage to the machine. In order to prevent the dust from seriously polluting the machine, we must do well the lubrication work of the Talc Powder Machine. In the Talc Powder Machine machine, there are two ways of lubrication: rare lubrication and grease lubrication. The thin oil lubrication inside the reducer under the Talc Powder Machine can take away the dust impurities and heat in the bearing through the thin oil, protect the bearing from dust pollution, and protect the bearing from overheating damage. The separator of the upper part of the Talc Powder Machine adopts grease lubrication, which can reduce the friction between bearings and reduce the probability of bearing damage.

Wear resistant parts are a major expense of Talc Powder Machine, and also essential for making powder products. Material in the gap between the disc and the roller sleeve is grinded, resulting in wear and tear of the two wear-resistant parts, if not replaced in time will cause wear and tear of the roller and the lower part of the disc, which will lead to a sharp increase in operating costs, so it is necessary to replace wear-resistant parts in time. In addition, the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding disc should be adjusted in time with the wear of the wear-resistant parts to ensure the normal operation.

The Talc Powder Machine is assembled by numerous fixed parts like screws. Any loosening of the fixed parts may cause damage to the Talc Powder Machine. Therefore, the machine should be carefully checked before starting each Talc Powder Machine. When the Talc Powder Machine hears abnormal noise, it also needs to stop to check if there is any loosening.