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  • Abstract:Dust remover for Surface Grinding MachinePollution is becoming more and more serious now, so environmental protection matters are being paid more and more atten



Dust remover for Surface Grinding Machine

Pollution is becoming more and more serious now, so environmental protection matters are being paid more and more attention. Surface Grinding Machine is a good environmental protection machine with a dust collector. It has been designed to comply with the principle of green and pollution-free, so Surface Grinding Machine has been widely recognized in the market.

The Surface Grinding Machine is a good green machine. Why is that? The same as mine machinery, is there any three arms and six arms in the Surface Grinding Machine? In fact, Surface Grinding Machine has its own special dust collector, coupled with this small dust collector, Surface Grinding Machine dust pollution does not exist.

Is there anything special about the dust collector of the Surface Grinding Machine, why add it and then become & ldquo; green pollution-free & rdquo; mechanical, this is because the working principle of the dust collector is relatively special, from the root of the pollution.

Working principle of dust collector

Dusty gas enters the filter chamber from the lower open flange, and the coarse particles fall directly into the ash bin. Dusty gas is filtered by the filter bag, and the dust is retained on the bag surface. The clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan through the bag mouth to the clean air chamber. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag increases continuously, the programmable controller starts to work and opens the pulse valve one by one so that the compressed air can be injected into the filter bag through the nozzle to clean up the dust, and the filter bag suddenly expands. Under the action of the reverse air flow, the dust on the bag surface is quickly removed from the filter bag and falls into the ash bin, and the dust is discharged by the dust discharge valve.

However, before the operation of the Surface Grinding Machine, the operation of the duster should be noted. Before starting the dust collector, the compressed air should be connected to the gas storage tank, the control power is connected, and the ash discharging device is started. In order to achieve better dust removal effect, it is necessary to start the start-up sequence of the main and downstream production lines.

The parameters of the dust collector are relatively simple, including flue gas volume, temperature, concentration and so on. It is based on the real-time feedback of powder processing in the grinding process. The temperature and concentration parameters of the dust collector should be recorded and analyzed.

Due to the addition of a dust collector, and Surface Grinding Machine is a closed dust system, so Surface Grinding Machine environmental protection matters have been guaranteed. This may also be the reason why Surface Grinding Machines are good for themselves in an era of pollution and environmental protection.