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What are the factors that affect the production capacity of Stamp Mills?

Milling equipment users often pay attention to a very important parameter when purchasing and using Stamp Mills, which is the production capacity of Stamp Mills. Its production capacity is often based on how many tons per hour. However, some users have found that the capacity of the production line is not as shown on the technical parameters after using the equipment for production. Of course, in different working environments, the processing materials are different, and when the operators are different, it is difficult to match the data given by the data. However, the data displayed by the data is of great reference value. It is the data obtained from testing the same type of equipment after many experiments. Therefore, when our Stamp Mill equipment or production line does not reach the given reference value, we need to check the production line or operation steps to find out the problem and improve the productivity of the Stamp Mill. Give full play to its role. Below we list a few items that we often need to check, and I hope to help you.

So how do you analyze the factors that affect the productivity of Stamp Mills? If the production capacity of the Stamp Mill is too low, we often look for some experts to help, and the answers to these questions are always commonplace, and the answers are particularly high. I don't know who to listen to. In fact, don't worry, we can follow the steps below to check. If there is no problem, we will not be late to ask for help.

Let's see how to determine the production capacity of Stamp Mills? The usual practice is to find a balance point, which is also the balance point between material ore and Stamp Mill. When the two reach equilibrium, they will get a larger output value. The main factors affecting the production capacity of Stamp Mills are material factors, equipment factors and operational factors. Let us explain one by one.

The first is the material factor, which is usually expressed in the five aspects of hardness, composition, water content, viscosity and fineness of the finished material. According to common sense, we can conclude that the hardness of the material is higher, the higher the grinding difficulty, the speed of the grinding machine grinding powder will be affected, which can not be seen in the case of small difference in hardness, but the difference in material hardness In larger cases, it is easy to see; secondly, the composition of the materials. We know that after the materials are ground, some materials are ground together, and some are mixed with various fineness grades. At this time, it may affect the transmission efficiency of the material, thereby affecting the discharge, resulting in less smooth passage of the equipment, resulting in lower production capacity of the equipment; again the moisture content of the material, but also the humidity of the material. We all know that in addition to vertical grinding, other grinding equipment, such as Stamp Mills, micro-grinding, etc., when grinding materials, the material to be ground needs to be tested for moisture. If the water content is too large, the equipment It is impossible to grind the material. The material to be ground can only be processed by the milling equipment under the specified water content. However, this is also a range. Some materials can be ground under the grinding humidity, but the material has great viscosity, and it is easy to adhere to the inner cavity of the main machine, to the transmission official road or to the discharge opening, or it may be On the analysis machine and the dust collector, the material transmission is greatly affected, or the equipment rotation speed is too low, and the equipment is under overload for a long time, which obviously causes the production capacity of the Stamp Mill to decrease. . Of course, the viscosity of the material is similar to the effect of too much water content. It will not be repeated here. In short, reducing the viscosity of the material or cleaning the equipment in time will increase the production capacity of the equipment. Another factor after the comparison is the factor of the finished product size. This is easy for everyone to understand. The higher the fineness of the finished product, the higher the qualification rate and the lower the production capacity.

Then the next thing should be the device factor. The better the performance of the Stamp Mill, of course, the higher the milling efficiency, the more stable. And if the performance of the equipment is good, it is not easy to malfunction, reducing downtime, and improving production efficiency from another angle. The performance of the equipment is mainly manifested in the aspects of wear parts, etc. If the performance of the main wear parts such as grinding rolls and grinding rings of the Stamp Mill is good, the production capacity of the mill will increase, and vice versa. Therefore, if you want to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, you can choose a manufacturer with reliable quality, such as Shanghai Shibang Group.

After comparison, we have to look at the operational factors of the Stamp Mill. We have to take out the operating manual of the equipment and see if we have followed the operating manual during the production process, if we follow the operating manual. Then, let's see if the accessories of the equipment are worn out, etc., and check if they need to be replaced. After the comparison, we have to make sure that the finished product discharge size of the Stamp Mill we use is suitable for production needs.

In addition to the verification of some of the above information, it is necessary to see whether material factors, equipment factors and operational factors affect the production capacity of the equipment. After the comparison of the articles, we propose some effective measures to solve the phenomenon that the production capacity is too low.

  • 1. Add a fine crusher and dryer in front of the Stamp Mill.
  • 2, improve the grinding system of the Stamp Mill, improve the milling efficiency, which of course requires the manufacturer's professionals to adjust.
  • 3. Efficient powder sorting equipment for the mill, so that the equipment can process the finished materials efficiently, thereby increasing the production capacity.
  • 4, check whether the various components are reasonable, especially in time to check and adjust the sealing equipment.
  • 5, when using the Stamp Mill, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning work of the equipment, cleaning up can effectively reduce the phenomenon of equipment blockage.

If you have more suggestions and questions, please contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.