• Name :Small Plant Capacity For Calcium Nitrate
  • Abstract:Small Calcium Plant mainframe vibration amplitude is too largeWhen the Small Calcium Plant is used in the grinding production, the reducer drives the main shaft



Small Calcium Plant mainframe vibration amplitude is too large

When the Small Calcium Plant is used in the grinding production, the reducer drives the main shaft and the plum blossom frame to drive the grinding roller to rotate at a high speed, and the grinding roller sleeve mounted on the grinding roller is centrifugally driven by the centrifugal force, thereby being located in the grinding machine. The material between the sleeve and the grinding ring is applied to the grinding pressure channel to promote the grinding of the material. In addition, in the Small Calcium Plant, a blade is also installed at the bottom of the grinding chamber for throwing up the material that has not been completely grounded between the roller sleeve and the grinding ring to promote sufficient grinding of the material. It should be understood that among the several accessories mentioned above, the grinding roller sleeve, the grinding ring and the blade are all wear parts. If they wear out, some production failures will occur, and the host of the Small Calcium Plant will not be normal. Amplitude vibration has some reasons.

The type of material that can be ground by Small Calcium Plant is limited, there are roughly ten kinds, and the hardness of these materials is not very high, generally less than about 6 degrees of Mohs hardness. If the hardness of the material entering the grinding chamber exceeds this upper limit. When the high-hardness material is broken, it will consume the energy of the machine and will also bring a large force impact to the machine. The impact force exerted on the main machine will manifest as a large abnormal vibration of the machine, resulting in the grinding production being affected. influences.

The Small Calcium Plant is installed on the concrete foundation in the grinding production. If the anchor bolt of the fixed machine is worn or loosened due to the load, the stability of the machine will be degraded, and the impact force caused by the crushing of the same material will be exerted. In the case of the machine, the vibration amplitude of the machine host will be much higher, causing malfunction.

For the above analysis, we can summarize the methods to reduce the vibration amplitude of the Small Calcium Plant. These methods mainly include: timely replacement of machine wear parts, especially grinding rolls, grinding rings and blades; regular inspection of the stability of the host fixing bolts It is necessary to re-cast the anchor bolts in time; it is better to install a de-ironing device in front of the mill to prevent high-hardness materials from entering the grinding chamber.