• Name :Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine
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What preparations do you need to make before moving the Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine?

Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine is widely used in the grinding of mineral materials in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields. For non-flammable and explosive mineral products with hardness below 7% of Mohs's humidity below 6%, it can be processed very well. Ultra-fine grinding is a large and medium-sized mining equipment. Be sure to prepare before starting. Safety is the first.

Before starting the machine, what we have to do is to check the work. We should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine, check whether the internal link is correct, whether the oil quantity is appropriate, whether there is leakage, and how much oil can ensure that his work can be carried out smoothly. Also check if the bolt is loose and the signal system is intact. In addition to the oil temperature, the meter pointer should be at zero and the equipment is unblocked. In the winter, the gearbox should be refueled according to the situation. The lubricating oil should reach 20-25 degrees to ensure the normal circulation of the lubricating oil and reduce the starting load of the equipment. After the normal inspection, the performance of the Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine host is debugged, and the performance debugging is very important, which can make its work better.

When the Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine is handed over, it must have a certain safety awareness. Users should wear overalls and wear full safety labor insurance products and common tools. View the previous production record, listen carefully to the operation of the previous class, and it is easy to have some accidents when handing over the work. This is not caused seriously. Therefore, when handing over, the user must be prepared. Our work can be carried out better.

Of course, in the work, we must do a good job of mutual cooperation, and the degree of tacit understanding is very important. In the work of Raw Gold Processing Milling Machines, there is a great connection, and staff in different positions must be cautious. While preparing, make timely contact with the process personnel to ensure that the equipment starts normally. In production, unrelated personnel should not approach the equipment, issue a start signal, and drive in order, so as to ensure the safety of the Raw Gold Processing Milling Machine.