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Gold Stamp Mill

Introduction to Gold Stamp Mill

1. Gold Stamp Mill is a new type of mill designed by Shibang experts on the basis of market research and analysis, combining the use and suggestions of new and old customers inside and outside, and innovating the existing product MTM series trapezoidal mill. machine.
  • 2. The machine can grind about 300 kinds of materials with Mohs hardness not exceeding 9.3 and humidity not exceeding 6%, which greatly expands the application field of Gold Stamp Mill.
  • 3. The fineness of the finished product produced by the machine can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325 mesh and 3000 mesh, which is incomparable to other mills in fineness.
  • 4. Gold Stamp Mill is the representative of high efficiency and low energy in the milling industry. It has become a leader in many fields such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mining.
  • Gold Stamp Mill structure

    The Gold Stamp Mill is mainly composed of main engine, reducer, analysis machine, maintenance platform, fan, bypass powder collector, electric control cabinet, etc. The auxiliary machine part is composed of jaw crusher, bucket elevator and electromagnetic vibration feeder. , storage silo and other components.

    Shibang Gold Stamp Mill won the award

    1. The production cost is low and the performance is high. The middle body and the base are completely softly connected, and there is no rigid contact, which avoids the vibration in the grinding cavity and transmits it to the analysis machine, thereby improving the analysis precision.
  • 2. The base is made of high-strength, anti-vibration ductile iron. Ductile iron has the vibration-reducing properties of cast iron, the strength of cast steel, and good impact resistance.
  • 3, the use of imitation De Flander reducer, make full use of the advantages of professional reducer manufacturers technology to improve the stability of the machine.
  • 4. The main body and reducer adopt elastic sleeve pin coupling, which avoids the easy breakage of nylon pin in the past and improves equipment reliability.
  • 5. The analyzer adopts high-density blades. The analyzer uses high-density blades to improve the fineness and output of the powder. The impeller turntable adopts a new structure and avoids the phenomenon of “running coarse powder”.
  • 6. The analysis machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, uses electromagnetic speed regulation to save energy, speed control, process control mobility, and high degree of automation.
  • 7. Bypass powder collector, the bypass powder collector has a dust isolation chamber, which can make part of the dusty gas pass through the bypass into the lower part of the cyclone to reduce the chance of dust from escaping from the exhaust vent, and the powder collecting efficiency is high. It is especially advantageous for collecting fine powder particles which are difficult to collect by a general dust collector.
  • 8. The equipment layout adopts the same resistance scheme, adopting the same resistance arrangement to avoid the difference of the output of the two dust collectors, improve the powder collecting efficiency of the powder collector, reduce the internal circulation, and improve the mill output.
  • 9. The same straight line arrangement of the dust collector and dust collector discharge port facilitates centralized collection of materials and reduces labor.
  • 10. Set up the maintenance platform to make the maintenance of the mill more convenient and safe.
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