• Name :Modification And Change In Ball Mill
  • Abstract:Performance characteristics of Ball MillOne of the main features of the Ball Mill is the use of “ material grinder ” Principle, simply put the material on the



Performance characteristics of Ball Mill

One of the main features of the Ball Mill is the use of “ material grinder ” Principle, simply put the material on the grinding plate, and then rolled on it with a grinding roller, but one thing to keep in mind is that the grinding plate is moving, driving the grinding roller, not the other way round. “ material bed grinding ” the principle can make the material grind more fully, and the grinding efficiency is higher.

In the work of the Ball Mill, the Ball Mill has an advantage that the Ball Mill can idle in a short time, it is not necessary to place materials on the grinding plate. This point is relatively rare in the grinding industry, general machine idling will cause more or less collision between wear-resistant parts, resulting in wear-resistant parts, and even damage the machine, so when using the machine, the user must see whether the machine can idle, if not must not idle. In grinding production, since the machine will start up a whole production line at the same time, when there is only one equipment to start, the other may be not ready or need a party to start, which is easy to cause damage to the machine. When using the Ball Mill, the Ball Mill can be opened first and then the conveying device in the system can be opened. The material can be conveyed to the inside of the Ball Mill, and then grinded.

The roll sleeve of Ball Mill can be turned over. Generally, the grinding of materials is mostly carried out in the part of the roller sleeve which is closer to the center of the disc, so the wear degree of this part of the roller sleeve will be faster than the side of the center of the disc. In order to save money, the roll sleeve can be replaced on the side away from the center of the mill and on the side near the center of the mill. Thus, a roll sleeve is used twice, saving the cost in the operation of the machine.

The lubrication system in the Ball Mill is lubricated with thin oil. The rare lubrication can not only take away the impurities from the inside of the machine, but also take away the harmful heat from the friction of the internal parts of the machine. It can also play a lubricating role. In addition, the thin oil lubrication makes the lubrication more convenient and moist. The sliding process is more time-saving and labor-saving. The lubrication system increases the service life of parts inside the machine and saves the cost of the machine.