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  • Abstract:Three in one Hammer MillThe three-in-one Hammer Mill is LUM series ultra-fine Hammer Mill. Hammer Mill is a new type of professional micro-grinding equipment de



Three in one Hammer Mill

The three-in-one Hammer Mill is LUM series ultra-fine Hammer Mill. Hammer Mill is a new type of professional micro-grinding equipment designed and developed by Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. which combines Taiwan's advanced roller technology and German new powder selection technology and relies on LM Hammer Mill's technical experience. The three-in-one Hammer Mill has successfully broken through the bottleneck of the traditional Hammer Mill and pushed the vertical mill manufacturing industry to a new stage.

So, how does LUM ultra-fine Hammer Mill realize the function of three-in-one: grinding, grinding, conveying and rdquo? It can be divided into three stages in the work.

Stage 1: grinding stage

This stage is mainly to break the grinding material into the grinding chamber. When working, the main motor drives the mill disc to rotate through the reducer, and the feeder feeds the material into the mill disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves around until it enters the roller table area and is rolled.

Stage 2: grading stage

After being grinded and crushed, the material is classified with the air flow into the separator. The impeller of the separator acts on it. The qualified powder is selected, and the unqualified powder is re-grinded in the mill chamber.

stage 3: Transportation stage

The qualified powder selected by the separator enters the cyclone collector with the air flow to collect, and then discharges from the discharging valve to be the finished product.

What is the difference between the LUM super fine Hammer Mill and the general Hammer Mill?

1. The design concept of Hammer Mill adopts the principle of material layer grinding, and the rotor can adjust speed with variable frequency, the fineness of the finished product can be realized at one time.

2. Moreover, the material has short residence time in the mill, reduces repeated grinding and has high grinding efficiency.

3. Using the principle of ultra-fine grinding and multi-wheel flour separation, the energy consumption of the product with the same fineness grade can be saved by 30%~50% than that of the common mill.

4. The grinding pressure can be controlled accurately and the operation is convenient and safe.

5. Single lubrication station is adopted for roller lubrication, which makes roller bearings fully lubricated and cooled, and avoids oil leakage.

6. The special roller sleeve and lining plate of the Hammer Mill is easier to form the material layer than the ordinary Hammer Mill. The granularity of the finished product is less than 2-mu after one grinding, and the powder content of M can reach 70%, which realizes the low residue of 325 meshes and the primary air separation meets the requirements of fineness and quality.

7. The grinding roll and the liner plate are made of high-quality materials. When the grinding roll is working, it does not contact with the grinding disc directly, and has less wear and long service life.

8. The Hammer Mill works under negative pressure, no dust overflow, and small vibration, low noise, in line with domestic environmental protection requirements.