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Effect of Hammer Mill in kaolin grinding process

Kaolin is a non-metallic industrial raw material. Natural kaolin has high whiteness and softness, and has good plasticity and cohesiveness. It is widely used in paper, ceramics, rubber, paint, refractory materials, aerospace and other industries. The products have formed more than 10 series and more than 70 varieties, which have great social value.

The grinding method is currently widely used in the kaolin grinding process, but it uses a grinding machine such as a Hammer Mill to shear the working surface or the grinding bodies of various shapes and materials to move relative to each other. The material is comminuted and ground to a fine powder. The grinding method uses an open-flow type to grind once. This method exhibits a phenomenon of "transition pulverization" and also breaks up coexisting impurities, making separation of impurities difficult.

Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. has newly developed a grinding process for kaolin Hammer Mill. The process experiment was applied to the kaolin soil grinding process in Poluo County, Liuyang County, Hengyang Jiepai, Guidong, Changde and other places in Hunan Province, and satisfactory results were obtained.

Here, the grinding process of Shibang new kaolin Hammer Mill is introduced as follows: kaolinite is manually selected, classified by grade, crushed by a jaw crusher under 50mm, crushed with a counter crusher or cone crusher. 10mm or so, into the ultra-fine micro-grinding machine fine grinding to 325 mesh -2500 mesh, and then adjusted to 45% concentration slurry fully mixed, after grinding through the five-stage stripping machine, can reach more than 93% pulp with -2um particle size material. After the natural kaolin is subjected to the grinding process of the Hammer Mill, the average particle size is about 20-50 microns, and the fine-grained kaolin has great advantages in use and is widely used.

In the field of kaolin application, the paper industry is still a relatively large consumer industry of kaolin, and the current selection of kaolin is far from meeting the needs of the paper industry; the coating industry will also be a large kaolin user, and the use of kaolin ultrafine powder in coatings can reduce titanium. The amount of white powder is used to improve its performance; kaolin ultrafine powder is often used as a functional filler in the plastics industry; in the rubber industry, kaolin fine powder can produce tires and light-colored rubber products, and the market prospect is promising.

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