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  • Abstract:Frequent leakage of tension cylinderThe tension cylinder of the Hammer Mill is an important part of the Hammer Mill. Oil leakage is serious. Paying attention to



Frequent leakage of tension cylinder

The tension cylinder of the Hammer Mill is an important part of the Hammer Mill. Oil leakage is serious. Paying attention to the maintenance of the Hammer Mill, the first thing to do is the maintenance and inspection of the cylinder, correctly analyzing the causes of the frequent oil leakage of the Hammer Mill cylinder and timely handling.

Reasons for oil leakage in the tension cylinder of Hammer Mill

1. Material balance in the chamber of Hammer Mill: only fly ash and limestone are used in the material of pre-homogenized yard. Because there is no clay, the adhesion force between the materials in the vertical powder Hammer Mill is weakened, the stability of the material layer is poor, and the vibration probability is increased. In addition, the blade wear of the circulating fan leads to poor dynamic balance of the impeller of the fan, resulting in unstable pumping force of the fan, which makes the material in the Hammer Mill more or less, forcing the operator to constantly adjust the feed quantity through the pressure difference and the outlet temperature to ensure the stability of the material quantity and the material layer in the mill. It is difficult to adjust the feed rate in accordance with the fluctuating air rate, resulting in a large change in the amount of material in the mill, instability of the material layer, frequent vibration of the Hammer Mill, resulting in multiple leakage of the tension cylinder.

2. Tightening cylinder seal ring aging: Seal ring aging due to the use of a long time and serious phenomenon, need to be updated.

3. The setting range of tension force is unreasonable: the original setting range is 12-14 MPa, this setting range is too narrow, and this range is higher than the current material. The narrow range of the tension force not only weakens the buffer capacity of the nitrogen bag in the tension cylinder, but also causes the oil pump of the tension station to start and stop frequently in a short period of time. Setting the tension force on the high side will make the oil pressure in the tension cylinder always very high. This high oil pressure will bring high pressure to the aging sealing ring. In addition, the iron ore particle size in the grinding material is too large to exceed 130mm. Fluctuation, higher than 14. MPa pressure often occurs, so the instantaneous greater pressure constantly impact the sealing ring, which increases the tension cylinder sealing ring leakage opportunities.

Solution to oil leakage in tension cylinder of Hammer Mill

1. Pre-crushing treatment of iron ore: crushing the incoming iron ore to reduce the grinding size of iron ore.

2. Adjust the fan blade: weld and mend the circulating fan blade, and adjust its dynamic balance to ensure a stable exhaust volume, but also reduce the vibration of the fan, reduce the current of the circulating fan.

3. Increase the stability of the material layer: According to the grindability of the material to determine the reasonable tension parameters, from the original 12-14] V [Pa to 9-12] VIPa. The original proportioning of limestone and fly ash ball Hammer Mill was replaced by three-component proportioning of limestone, fly ash and clay.

4. Strictly follow the operating specifications of Hammer Mill: because the temperature is too high or too low, the air discharge is too large or too small, the amount of water spraying more or less, the grinding pressure increases or reduces, etc. will cause vibration of Hammer Mill, so it is necessary to avoid the above phenomena in operation, optimize the parameters to ensure mobile crushing. The machine works stably.