• Name :Construction Waste Crusher Jaw Plate Maintenance
  • Abstract:

    In the work of the Construction Waste Crusher, its jaw has a great effect. Can be said that his work is inseparable from the role of jaw plate, so, in its work, the user should pay attention to the maintenance of the jaw, the following, we look at how to maintain matters.



The use of Construction Waste Crusher is very wide, in the course of the use of many of its parts will be damaged. Damage to the parts will seriously delay the continued production. Therefore, in order to make the crushing equipment to complete the production task, then it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair, or even to replace the parts.

Construction Waste Crusher parts of the damage when a normal phenomenon. The user in the usual use of important attention to its maintenance. Because of the working principle of the reason, at work, jaw plate and moving jaw and so often damage. Construction Waste Crusher jaw plate damage will lead directly to the decline in the quality of production, in particular, will cause the machine to accelerate damage, so when we have to make it maintenance and repair work, making it to the normal production activities. Jaw plate damage will cause the finished product size does not meet the production requirements, which is a great impact on the user. So, in order not to affect the user's use, we have to be replaced in a timely manner.

In addition, in order to reduce the jaw plate damage, but also the correct operation of crushing equipment, which is very critical. In the broken, to remove the unbreakable material, to protect the jaw plate crushing equipment. But also to its fixed way to check, a reasonable way to fix the work will reduce the vibration of the machine, which will reduce the corresponding Construction Waste Crusher vibration, the protection of the jaw plate is also very helpful.

In addition, the jaw plate and the equipment surface with a smooth and reliable lifting, in the jaw plate and equipment surface pad layer can enhance the jaw plate against the impact of the gasket, which can greatly reduce the Construction Waste Crusher wear and other issues The After wear, but also the use of surfacing technology to carry out welding, to ensure the normal use of Construction Waste Crusher.

In production, we must pay attention to the maintenance work of the machine, so it is very helpful for its production. Reasonable maintenance can reduce wear and tear, in the production of its life is also a great help. Therefore, the user for the good use of the machine effect, pay attention to the Construction Waste Crusher for maintenance and repair.