• Name :Construction Waste Crusher Finished Grain Size Grasp
  • Abstract:

    In the Construction Waste Crusher work, the user wants to get a good finished product size, to make a good operation of the sand making equipment, so that the Construction Waste Crusher can make better work, then the user in the end how to control the mechanical equipment?



In the gravel production line, due to sandy aggregate more chaotic, will result in finished gravel grain size is not the same, as well as gravel containing impurities and so on. This kind of production phenomenon seriously hinders the user's production demand. In order to be able to produce sand and gravel specifications, users should pay attention to the production of equipment.

In actual production, there are many factors that affect the quality of sand and gravel. We have to adjust the production of sand making equipment to expect it to achieve better results. Especially his safety and other issues, which not only affect the production process, but also on the safety of operators also have a significant threat. For example, in the Construction Waste Crusher production line work, it is likely that iron into the equipment situation, which is particularly large damage to the machine, making the equipment life in the sharp drop.

Therefore, in the production and production of sand and gravel production equipment, gravel material should pay attention to the production situation, so that the production of equipment at all times have some control. In the production, the user to observe the operation of the situation, and do a good job recording work, so you can enter the second step to ensure the safety of production and production process problems. In addition, you can also in the equipment of the discharge port, the installation of iron, an effective solution to the problem of iron. As long as the effective solution to the problem, to ensure equipment durability, but also can improve the production capacity of sand and gravel production equipment and production.

Artificial sand and gravel surface rough, multi-angular, aggregate and cement, aggregate between the good combination of high mechanical bite force, so artificial sand concrete than natural sand concrete strength, access to user recognition. However, in the process of gravel material processing, due to the intense collision and other reasons, making the artificial sand contains two quantitative stone powder and mud powder, and the presence of mud powder will seriously affect the sand gradation. In order to solve the problem of large amount of artificial sand powder, it is necessary to wash the sand washing machine, so that artificial sand to achieve the standard building sand.

For the grasp of the size of the user to do regular checks, so that you can have a better guarantee.